At Ophysio Clinic Orleans, we devote our time, solid knowledge and years of treatment experience to take care of you

You Deserve Less Pain And More Gain

Our highly skilled health professionals will help decrease your pain quickly and improve your function to achieve long lasting effect. Ophysio team provides hands- on approach and dedicate their time to focus on your treatment and improve the quality of your life. You are in good hands.

Orleans Wellness Centre To Get You Back On Track

Ophysio Clinic Orleans has a unique mix of highly trained professionals with strong knowledge and skills combined with a friendly atmosphere that will put your mind at ease while you receive the best possible treatment in the city. 

What Patients Say About Ophysio Clinic

Pain Relief & Mobility Starts With Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

highly recommend

I consulted with Dr. Aleraky regarding a persistent hip bursitis. Her personalized and diversified treatment approach combined with her recommended exercise regimen generated remarkable and lasting results for me. I am very grateful to have discovered her clinic, and I truly appreciated her professionalism, knowledge, and warmth. I highly recommend her!

Ginette Bedard

Pleasant, helpful

I’ve come to ophysio for physiotherapy by Dr.Omnia for many years and she never fails to fix me! The most recent treatment was regarding some upper body imbalances – which she quickly diagnosed and put together a treatment plan. I’m back to my full self now practicing the exercises she gave. Will always come back here!
Kashyap Achar

Professional, knowledgeable

This was one of the best experiences I had with a physiotherapist. Omnia is very clean and her many years of experience show in her work. My elbow problem prohibited me from moving my arm and was very painful. However, after a couple of sessions of shockwave, acupuncture and manual work, I was able to move my arm again with little to no pain! Omnia is amazing and a highly recommend her to anyone!
Mistekawy Sayed


We offer a wide variety of treatment techniques, unique to our Ophysio Clinic Orleans

Mobility and beyond

We have some of the highest qualified Physiotherapists and chiropractors not just in Ottawa but in Canada! We carefully assess and treat your injury or disease in our inviting and relaxed clinic.
At Ophysio clinic, we offer a wide variety of treatment techniques, including manual therapy; joint mobilization and manipulative, myofascial release, dry and wet cupping (hijama), exercise prescription, medical acupuncture and dry needling, Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), trigger point (nodes) relief, movement evaluations and education. Deep tissue massage, ART (active release technique), balance and agility training. In addition to ISTAM (Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, nasal release, NKT (Neurokinetic techniques), taping and massage therapy.

Ophysio Clinic is the perfect treatment choice for local residents in Orleans, Ontario

Private Rooms

Ophysio makes sure each patient to be treated in the comfort of a private room.

Hands on Treatment

Our professional team uses different hands-on skills to help you achieve your goal.

Reviews & Ratings

We appreciate our patients positive reviews. Read more about their experience.

Quick Improvement

At Ophysio clinic you will start feeling better within first 3 treatment visits.

Skillful Practitioner

Expect high quality care provided by well trained experienced practitioners for local Orleans area

Evenings & Weekends

Ophysio is the only local clinic in the Orleans working Saturdays and Sundays (with appointments)

Clinic Parking

We are paying for your parking. Ask us for your parking permission before you leave the clinic.

Competitive Pricing

We provide excellent treatment services for reasonable pricing to local Orleans community

Booking Online

Start booking your treatment appointment from ease of your home or just call 343-341-6904.

Advanced Equipments

Ophysio Clinic is using the most advanced technology for effective treatment and help you heal quicker.

Multiple Services

Our clinic is providing multiple services & treatments all-in-one location with care.

Root Cause Treatment

We don’t give you temporary limited improvement, but long permanent recovery and prevent recurrence.

Treatment Plans

Count on a plan tailored to your needs and other specialty services and treatments.

No Waiting List

We accept your immediate service & treatment booking request and emergency cases accepted.

Local Clinic

Ophysio Clinic located in one of the most famous medical buildings in Orleans with very close to highway.

Human to Human

We are listening, and showing our empathy by doing everything we can to help you achieve your goals.

Movement Analysis

We analyse your movement to help you to know your body and teach you to move better to prevent injuries.

Friendly Staff

Very cooperative administrative staff makes your visits easier and answer all your questions

Covid-19 Precautions

Ophysio Clinic is following all OPH regulation for covid-19 to protect our patients and staff members

Inter Cooperation

Different specialist discuss your case and cooperated to get you a holistic plan for your problem.

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