25 Years of Treatment Experience

Omnia Aleraky - physiotherapist

Omnia Aleraky, PT, Phd

Omnia Aleraky has more than 25 years of treatment and care experience

My name is Omnia Aleraky. I’m a physiotherapist with PhD in Physical Therapy. I also have more than 25 years of experience treating patients with neuromuscular problems. I worked in both public and private health care sectors. I have managed patients with orthopedic diseases, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, other neuromuscular dysfunctions and after surgeries.

I have also provided physiotherapy for all patients ages from pediatric to Geriatrics. Besides my clinical work, I worked as a clinical instructor and mentored physiotherapy graduates in the Middle East and in Canada. I conducted my own research studies in orthopedic biomechanics; which added value to my treatment approach. Moreover, research has sharpened my style in employing evidence-based assessment and treatments.

As a physiotherapist, I believe what really makes me different is that I have a strong interest in providing high quality patient-centred care. My physiotherapy practice uniqueness could be attributed to my use of biomechanical knowledge to dig deep into my patient’s signs and symptoms until I pin-point its root. I employ evidence-based treatment to correct underlying mechanical imbalances and promote patient’s independence.

Bio-mechanical Knowledge

Everyone deserves to be the best they can be when it comes to their rehabilitation program, and it is my job to help them get there.

I provide one to one hands-on treatment, so all my attention and time is focused on my clients. This way I realize why they are in pain and ultimately find the most optimum way to resolve their problems and prevent recurrence in a short time. I am confident that providing my clients with adequate education regarding their injury/condition is crucial to maintain achieved outcomes.
Omnia Aleraky - physiotherapist
Omnia Aleraky - physiotherapist

Clinical Skills

My main goal is that every patient leaves the clinic completely satisfied and empowered with adequate tools to maintain his/her optimal function and is able to prevent further recurrence. “Everyone deserves to be the best they can be when it comes to their rehabilitation program, and it is my job to help them get there.”
I have always been enthusiastic and eager to continually improve and sharpen my clinical skills with the many postgraduate continuing education courses I have been taking.

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