Hijama (wet cupping) Orleans

If you have an injury or health complaint, don't wait for the recommended days, do Hijama as soon as possible.

Boost your immune system with Hijama (wet cupping)

Abu Horaira (R.A.A) said that the prophet (PBUH) said “Whoever receives Hijama (wet cupping) Treatment on the 17th, 19th, or 21 st day of the month shall recover from all diseases” Abu Dawud
If u don’t have no health problem, or wants to use Hijama (wet cupping) to follow the Sunnah and boost your immune system, it is recommended to do Hijama at the 17,19 or 21 of Hijri days, and if not possible, it would be more useful to schedule it in days between the 13th, and 25th Hijri days.

Do you wants to use Hijama (wet cupping) to follow the Sunnah?

If you have an injury or health complaint, don’t wait until these days, do Hijama as soon as possible. The messenger of ALLAH (PBUH) also received Hijama outside this period in case of necessity when he gets symptoms.
The recommended days in this month will match the 3 days of the next week of November. Monday, Wed and Friday which are 22,24, 26 of Nov

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Great environment and Covid safe. Went regarding my lower back pain, already feeling better after the first session. Dr. Omnia Aleraky is a great physiotherapist. Highly recommend!
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I have never been more satisfied with a physiotherapist than I have been with Ominia. Excellent service during my 8 sessions. Ominia is a very patient expert. She knows her job very well and listens to her patients. She works conscientiously and gives us more than her time. I am very happy to have met her and highly recommend her to all patients in need of treatment.
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I have been doing physio and acupuncture at Ophysio with Omnia and I am very happy with the results! I have seen other physiotherapists and none are like Omnia!
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