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Medically Designed Insoles in Orlean

Custom orthotics are medically designed insoles placed in your shoe. The custom made orthotics can’t be replaced with over the counter orthotics. Each subject has unique foot alignment. The Ophysio orthotics are customized specially for your feet.

How do I know if I need orthotics?

There are many ways in which custom orthotics can help you. They are good for:

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

What conditions are orthotics used to treat?

Frequently asked questions

Book a free 15 minutes assessment with our physiotherapist or chiropractor to assess your feet, your healthcare provider will thoroughly assess your feet and whole body during sitting, standing and walking. He will assess your posture and body movement. Then he will scan your feet alignment with a special tool. Your feet print out will be sent to the orthotic manufacturer to fabricate a tailored orthotic for you. When your orthotics reach the clinic, your practitioner will call you to test if the orthotics is a good fit for you. If there are some adjustments needed, he/she will take care of them. In addition, she will educate you how to take care of your orthotics.
You should start wearing it for a limited time and increase this period gradually. In most cases, your body needs enough time to become accustomed to the new orthotics. That means you should plan to wear them regularly so your body can adjust.
Medical orthotics seems expensive because the technology used to design it is expensive. Tip: Check with your medical insurance provider to see how much coverage they provide for custom orthotics. Stil if you don’t have insurance, it is a very efficient way to invest in your health.
Every year you have to make a check up on your body as well as your physical check up with the physician. It is recommended to check each year on your orthotics and let your physiotherapist test if it is still working good for you, or needs to be changed.

What Patients Say About Ophysio Clinic

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Extremely Competent

I have no words to express my appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Omnia. I was suffering from sever knee and back pain due to my osteoarthritis. I did never imagine that I can ever walk and bend my knee without pain or stiffness. The new techniques that she is using in the treatment of my osteoarthritis, treated the underling inflammatory condition and helped the new regeneration of new healthy cells. How she explained in details my illness and her plan of treatment, helped me understanding the nature of my illness and in consequence, following her instructions. I was scheduled for knee replacement after 5 years. Now, 10 years passed, I used to visit her few times every year and receive my treatment successfully. My condition is stable, I’m still walking, bending my knee, and enjoining my life without pain 😊
Dwidar Hanaa

Highly Recommend

Dr. Omnia is the best physiotherapist I’ve come across. I originally started visiting her due to a shoulder injury causing pain and inflammation in my right shoulder and I was amazed by her style, care, and approach to treatment. Not only was Dr. Omnia helping me treat my shoulder, she was also teaching about the condition and the reasoning behind all the treatment approaches so that I can properly take care of my shoulder after treatment is complete. I can confidently say that I’ve learned and benefitted a lot from Dr. Omnia, so much so that my shoulder in many ways is in better condition than it was before the injury due her wholistic approach to tackling all the underlying causes of the issue. Highly, highly recommend!
Omar Radwan

Very Satisfied

I’m an online university student, so I sit at my desk all day and now have a bunch of neck problems, added with a previous back injury, I always felt stiff and uncomfortable. I went to see Dr.Omnia for physiotherapy and WOW, she is amazing. I still have a couple more sessions to go, but with the recommended exercises and treatments (acupuncture, shockwave, massage gun, hot packs, etc.) that she does have made me feel so much better already! 🙂 Very satisfied with the service, lovely staff, and overall wonderful clinic. Although they are fairly new, Dr.Omnia is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field.
Fatema Khalil