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Stop Suffering in Silence - Ottawa Couples Counselling helps couples identify and address underlying issues causing relationship problems.

Common areas of concern include communication difficulties, trust issues, conflict resolution, intimacy and sexual concerns, financial disagreements, and parenting conflicts.

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What Patients Say About Ophysio Clinic

Extremely competent

We wanted someone who would be able to connect with us and help us become better together, and Sarah exceeded all expectations. Her methods are intuitive and simple, and helped us grow together. She has shown us where our priorities should be, and helped us with communicating effectively with each other. I’d highly recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to learn more together as a couple, and to be more in tune with each other.

Pleasant, helpful

My husband and I came to see Sarah when we were at our wits end. We decided that seeing her was going to be the last attempt at saving our marriage after trying ourselves for many months and getting nowhere. Sarah has been very helpful in helping us identify our problems and working through them step-by-step and she has helped my husband and I become better communicators with each other and in general.

Professional, knowledgeable

My partner and I were really struggling with daily communication and connecting in a meaningful way. Sarah helped us learn simple strategies to deal with issues both small and large in manageable and effective ways. We went from feeling at odds with eachother to feeling like a team again. We really appreciate the practical no nonsense approach that Sarah brought to our struggles.

We are an intimate, down-to-earth Ottawa psychotherapy clinic dedicated to providing modern mental healthcare for all ages. Our multidisciplinary team of registered and experienced therapists proactively supports individuals, couples, and families through their journeys of self-discovery in a compassionate, welcoming, and accessible manner. We help you fully realize the power of healing and thriving. Your experience with us will include:


We are here to give you a secure and encouraging space where you may openly share your ideas and feelings.

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We offer a wide variety of treatment techniques, unique to our Ophysio Clinic Orleans

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Ophysio Clinic specializes in a variety of therapeutic services. Our experienced physiotherapists and chiropractors will carefully assess and treat your injury or illness in a professional, inviting environment to get you last long outcomes.